Co-Branded Press Release Writing

Co-Branded Press Release writing is an important and major part of the PAX Ranks industry. Not only do co-branded press releases have a major potential to branding yourself and/or your website as an authority in your respective field, but they will also significantly increase your online traffic and your own credibility. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case. We will briefly go over some of these reasons below.

First of all, there is nothing more important for a business owner or a CEO to do than to be seen by the media. This is not only the case in order to obtain free advertisement, but also for news reporting on important stories (think the Olympics). The main reason why companies and people would want to do press releases is because they are considered to be objective, or more specifically, neutral. This is not the case with co-branded press release services.

In most cases, the objective of a company or individual that is doing co-branded press release marketing is to gain the attention of the mainstream (i.e. journalists). Many journalists and publications to place emphasis on this fact. Your service will be focused upon and the actual service itself will not be given much thought. This is unfortunate.

There are several ways that you can ensure that your co-branded press release will be given more consideration by journalists. You should firstly consider contacting any new product or service that you are relatively familiar with. You could ask a journalist to write a brief overview of your new product. Obviously, this is done after the product has been launched, so it is bound to be newsworthy. Your service does not need to offer a sales pitch for your product, but you will need to provide some information on it.

Once a journalist has written an article about your product, they should contact you via the internet site. Your service does not need to specifically mention that you were involved in the writing of the press release. If you have provided articles on the internet previously for similar products, this will also be newsworthy. You could provide a link back to your web site from one of your articles and this is a good way of getting noticed by the media.

Another way of ensuring that your co-branded press releases will be given more consideration by journalists is by submitting them to the right websites. A number of press release websites target mainly business related content. This would be a good place to submit your press release. However, you will find that some journalists are specifically interested in news related material. If your website caters to the niche market that you are targeting, you may find that the publicity will be more targeted. The newspaper is often the first source of news that a particular company will want to draw to.

In addition to the press release website, another place to submit co-branded press releases is a company website. These are often given more credence than a website that caters to general consumers. If your service is related to a new product or if you have new products to launch, this would be a good place to put the information. A good service should also give the consumer a call to action either on their website or on the phone. Your service needs to have a way of asking the reader to contact you in one way or another.

Co-branded press release writing can take time, and the best results will be noticed after a year or so. Therefore it is important to write press releases in a way that keeps you in the mind of your potential clients. Make sure that your writing is concise and easy to understand. You want to make sure that your news releases are not only factual, but they are also written in an interesting and well-written style. Your information should be verified and you may want to include a small section about training as well. If you keep all of these things in mind, you should have no problem getting results.