The press release should be relevant and interesting to the audience.

What is a free press release? A press release is a short document addressed to journalists, the purpose of which is to disseminate an actual and relevant message about the sender (advertiser). He makes the appearance of his work and allows him to maintain regular relationships with the journalists he is focused on. The press release should be relevant and interesting for the target audience of journalists. It provides only one information related to a specific event: announcement, appointment, reorganization, partnership, acquisition, show, strategic event, release of a new product, signing of a new contract. and should be sent only to journalists directly interested. 

His main goal is to challenge the journalist to whom he is addressed in order to encourage him to write an article, attend an event or contact to ask for additional information. Journalists receive a lot of information every day, so your press release should stand out among others thanks to a particularly neat writing. The press release takes the form of an A4 page or a maximum of two pages. This is an addition to the press kit, which presents in more detail the object of communication (product, company, person, brand) and other tools mentioned above. Its wording should be objective, clear and concise, and it should serve as a working basis for a journalist or be able to be accepted back as it is. His tone is neutral and factual, his letter must respect simple and precise rules.

Co-branded press release is most often sent by email. But journalists are very demanding, it is necessary to follow certain sending rules, in particular, attaching great importance to the file format. The easiest solution is to insert the press release directly into the body of the letter. If you attach the file, you need to make sure that it is recorded in a format that can be decoded by most modern programs. Example: “.rtf” format instead of “.doc” (Word) or PDF format. For illustrations, it is recommended to attach only images with a resolution of 72 dpi and offer files in high resolution for download via links to the issuer’s website. It is also important to clearly indicate the subject of the letter in the title, which should be informative.

Once the press release is sent, the recovery should not be neglected. Should this be done by mail or telephone? It depends on relationships with reporters. In both cases, this increases the visibility of the information. Therefore, it is necessary to contact each journalist to make sure that he has received the document and offer him additional information or additional illustrations. It is important to make sure that the information interests him so that he can highlight key points. Telephone contact helps establish good relationships with journalists.

Evaluating communication action can improve it. In the case of a press release, an analysis of its impact may reveal points that may be revised in the next press release. The effectiveness of a press release is measured by the number of valuable articles published, participation in the event, or the degree of satisfaction of participants. Studies of the evolution of notoriety or the image of the issuer are also indicators. Therefore, depending on the results obtained, it is important to question the purpose of the submission, the relevance of the content, the proposed argument, the period of submission.

A press release is a tool that delivers raw, accurate and up-to-date information to journalists. Its spelling and use follow simple rules; its evaluation helps to increase its effectiveness.

How to make free press release better? Add quotes. It makes your release more personal, more lively and easier to read. Remember, however, that journalists also like to interview the CEO or spokesperson themselves. The last paragraph contains standard text about the company. Briefly describe your organization: history, mission, number of places, number of employees. Note to the editor (not for publication). At the bottom of the press release, provide contact information for the press. Establish clear agreements about the person in the organization who is responsible for the press release and make sure that he is truly accessible to journalists. And this is not only a broadcast day, but also later. Do not forget to specify the URL of your site or click on the page!